Efforts to rectify land disputes


The Land Management Unit in the Department of Agriculture is conducting a three-day

compliance project in District 2 which covers land ranging from Ottley’s to Dieppe Bay.

The project which commenced on Monday, 7th February 2022 will aid in the resolution of

land disputes and will also assist in conflict that stems from small numbers of regularized

farmers residing in what has been deemed one of the most populated farming areas.

Over the next few days, the project will also seek to eliminate and reduce the land issues

within the district, regularize farmers who may or may not be occupying Lands without

authorization, establish boundaries where needed and ensure farmers are complying with the terms and conditions outlined in their Lease Agreement.

The Land Management Unit will also seek to identify and inform farmers squatting on

Sustainable Lands and will through this task, enhance collaborative efforts with the Ministry

of Sustainable Development.

The three-day Compliance Project will continue on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday

16th February 2022

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