Elections results made public, no changes

The official tally of numbers for the individual constituencies began circulating in the media on Thursday, 5th March, and it has revealed that the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party won 11,897 out of the 23,199 votes cast, just as the preliminary results indicated, while the coalition of the People’s Labour Party (PLP) and People’s Action Movement (PAM) bagged a combine 11,175 number of votes on St. Kitts.

The data seen by MiyVue.com shows that there was no change to the ultimate outcome of the elections compared to what was described as the unofficial results.

In constituency #1, PAM won that seat by four votes over the incumbent Labour Party representative 1,731-1,727. In constituency #2, Labour won 1,758-1,660. For constituency #3 Labour defeated the PLP 1,348-1,076.

In constituency#4, PAM won that seat by 36 votes 1,216-1,252. In constituency #5, PAM won 1,245-884. For constituency #6 Labour won 1,969-200. Constituency #7 was taken by PLP, 1,647-867 and in constituency #8, PAM defeated its challenger 2,364-2,128.

On Nevis, the Concerned Citizen Movement (CCM) preserved its two seats in constituencies #9 and #10.

The Party grabbed 3,951 votes out of a possible 7,256 electorates from the three constituencies on that island, while the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) accumulated 3,276 votes.

NRP retained its seat in constituency #11.

In constituency #9, the CCM team won that seat with a 2,033-1,715 margin. Constituency #10 went to CCM 754-305 and in constituency #11 NRP won 1,164-1,255.

However, with the official results published, there still has been no official word from the Supervisor of Elections Wingrove George or any other indication as to why the statistics were only recently published.

Controversy had surrounded the unusual stopping of the electoral count and the partial release of election results by the supervisor of elections.

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