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Elections to be held under new Boundaries – Court discharges injunction

Government Attorney Sylvester Anthony speaking on Freedom FM after receiving word from his colleagues in St Lucia confirmed that the government had won the case, and as such, they can hold elections under the new boundaries.

“The injunction has been discharged.  And the judgment of Her Ladyship Marlene Carter was upheld by the Court of Appeal,” said Anthony.

Regarding the impending elections, Anthony disclosed, “Of course, there is a possibility that an appeal might be filed to the Privy Council, but that’s a matter for the other side.”

He stated that Nomination Day will proceed as expected tomorrow (Friday, 6th January) and elections on Monday, 16th January, as there is nothing prohibiting the process.

“The Court of Appeal upheld the decision of Justice Marlene Carter, and the injunction which the Court of Appeal imposed last Friday has now been discharged,” he explained.

Anthony explained that Justice Carter had ruled that the proclamation was in order and everything that flowed thereafter was in order.

“There was an appeal of that order and the Court of Appeal granted an injunction to prevent anybody from happening until it had considered the appeal. The Court of Appeal has now considered the appeal and has ruled to uphold the decision of Justice Carter,” said Anthony.  

The government and the opposition have been in the Court over the imposition of the new boundaries. However, the opposition has contended that changes were done in an undemocratic manner. understands that the lawyers for the opposition are in the process of filing an appeal to the Privy Council.

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