Electoral Conspiracy?

Amory, while speaking with MiyVue.com, made specific reference to the recent situation which has resulted in an “impasse” between the Electoral Commission and the Supervisor of Elections, Leroy Benjamin Sr.


The Concerned Citizens Movement raised concerns with the Electoral Commission pertaining to decisions made by registration officers in relation to challenges of the names of persons on the voter’s list.

The result was that the Electoral Commission corresponded with the Supervisor of Elections indicating that the names of those individuals “shall” remain on the list and according to the Supervisor of Election’s retort, he was awaiting official communication from the Commission to the effect that the letter issued by the Commission would be withdrawn. Benjamin said that while he wait for that correspondence, the Registration Officers will “continue to carry out their duties and functions under the law.”

Benjamin’s correspondence also outlined to the Commission that he had sought legal advice from Senior Crown Counsel, Mr. Arudranauth Gosai and that he had read and understands Sections 33 and 34 of the Federation’s Constitution which speak to the conduct of both the Supervisor of Elections and the Electoral Commission.

In light thereof, Benjamin said the Commission “has no authority to decide and instruct” that the names remain on the list.

Amory’s Concerns

The CCM leader told MiyVue.com that whether or not the names have remained on the list will not be known until the list is next printed and circulated.

Amory explained that one of the major issues which he has is that most of the notices “if not all” which were issued to those persons whose names were challenged, were not delivered until after the objection hearing was to have taken place.

“I myself received my notice the day after the objection was to take place. I got my notice on the 19th, the hearing was scheduled, according to the note I got, for 18th. It therefore meant I that I could not go to defend myself and explain why my name ought not to be removed.”

He expressed his belief that a conspiracy may be afoot which can have serious repercussions to the democracy of the Federation.

“Even now the repercussion of the situation is that we see persons who seem to be willing – for whatever reason – to tamper (with) and contaminate the electoral and democratic processes in St. Kitts and Nevis and that is a most serious matter. The second matter…is that there are persons who are willing by illegal action, criminal action, to disenfranchise citizens of this country, people who pay taxes in this country, people who registered to vote legally in this country…”

The CCM leader – who during the upcoming local elections in Nevis will be seeking to regain the Premiership – said the situation has the potential to derail the progress made by our forefathers in securing the our right to vote.

“In this day, countries which have had dictatorships – either by the ballot or by autocratic leaders – and those persons are rebelling. It seems an absolute shame and a disgrace that we – in a country which has known for the past half century or more, adult suffrage, freedom of press, freedom of voting, the right to vote earned by the blood and the sweat of our forefathers that we are wanting to have people who want to destroy that right which has been gained for us by our forefathers.

“That is a complete reversal and clearly and aberration of what is the trend in the world where every single country – it appears – wants to have fair and free elections so that the people can see that they are the masters of their fate.”



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