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Electoral Reform: It cannot be done ‘willy nilly’, says AG

According to the attorney general, a number of changes were made one year after St. Kitts-Nevis gained independence and a new electoral regime was introduced. However, these changes, he said, were “manipulated” and “exploited” by the current opposition team.

He stated that there are people who are registered where they do not live, and that has presented a major problem in the electoral system. He said, “people who do not live in one area have voted for a representative whom they have no direct connection to”.

Byron also mentioned the fact that there are those citizens who do not reside here and return to the federation to cast their vote during election time. He said that raises the questions of whether or not that is something that should be changed and if so, how does the government go about implementing such a change.

Although it may be challenging, the attorney general did indicate that the government will be coming to the public shortly with a very comprehensive way of how these issues will be fixed.

“It cannot be done ‘willy nilly’. It must be done – not quickly – but deliberately, and we must be accountable,” Byron said.

He stated that it was just 10 years ago there was an electoral reform process in the country and it makes no sense that every decade – or there about – you go to the people to change the electoral laws.

Byron added that it is a comprehensive process that will be laid out, and they look forward to it.


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