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Emergency Convention Next Monday for PAM

Though the next General Elections in St. Kitts and Nevis are not constitutionally due for another two years, (in 2015), Chairman of PAM and hopeful candidate for his party in Central Basseterre, Mr. Selwyn “Rusty” Liburd, declared at the public meeting following the 22nd November march and rally, that he was convinced that enough signs were showing that the government is in fact preparing for an early poll.

Party leaders are even now more determined to prepare immediately, given recent political developments that have led to a Resolution of No Confidence, being filed against the Prime Minister and Government of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Now, one more major step is being taken by PAM. The opposition group has scheduled an emergency convention to take place at their headquarters, on Monday 17th December, from 6:00pm.

Officials have disclosed that the convention will seek to discuss overall preparations that are required to ensure that if and when the poll is called, the party is more than ready to rally its base and convince a vast majority of the electorate, to vote for a new PAM Administration.

Party faithful are being rallied to attend and provide their usual invaluable support and ideas, in the determination to move the country into a new chapter in nationhood.

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