Emergency sitting of parliament called…move on to change boundaries


Once news was circulated about the sitting, scores of supporters from various parties bagan assembling on Church Street, where both the National Assembly and Government Headquarters are located.

Leader of the coalition of opposition parties Dr. Timothy Harris said that members of the opposition were not given advanced notice and one such member, Eugene Hamilton, indicated that he got his notice after the meeting had already been in session.

Harris-locked-out.jpg-2Harris even went further to state that he was barred by personnel at the front of the parliament building and was temporarily prevented from entering. He went on to state that one member of the parliament “purported to raise a gun at him”.

Reports reaching Miyvue.com is that the new Boundaries Report has been signed by Commission Chairman Peter Jenkins, as well as the Labour government representatives Asim Martin and Marcella Liburd. Opposition parliamentary members Premier Vance Amory and Senator Vincent Byron are reported as not having signed the document.


According to information received at Miyvue.com, only one opposition member was notified of the emergency meeting at Government Headquarters on Church Street. It is understood that the crowds are growing in the downtown section of the capital.

Members of the opposition alliance Team Unity have been highly vocal this past week on local media and on the political platforms voicing strong objections to the attempt to change the constituency boundaries so close to general elections expected in weeks.


But the government side has contended that the boundaries need to be changed, and this is their second attempt at doing so, the first report having been squashed by a High Court ruling that nullified the report last year.


It is expected there would be another legal challenge against this second report, base on what Team Unity has said in recent times.


Meanwhile, Miyvue understands that news reporters had been refused entry to Government Headquarters. This media house would continue to monitor the developing story.

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