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‘Empire’ Star Grace Gealy Never Felt Light-Skinned Until She Moved To The United States

The “Empire” star, who originally hails from the Cayman Islands, didn’t quite make the cut for the filming of “Light Girls,” but she still shared her thoughts on colorism anyway.

The actress admits that she felt a bit of culture shock when she moved to the United States—particularly when she saw how women were pitted against each other based on the skin tone.

“For me personally, it’s the whole light-skinned/dark-skinned dynamic [for women of color],” she told Details. “I mean, there’s competition among women everywhere you go. But back home we understand that you can look like a variety of things and still be from the same culture.”

By comparison, Grace said that she can’t recall ever being singled out or being placed on a pedestal based on the fact that she has a lighter complexion. She felt the community she grew up in was far more inclusive in its definition of Blackness because it never made any differentiation between shades of brown.


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