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Entertainment over Education?

Dr. Drew is claiming that the Government does not have its priorities right in the way it is investing its financial resources. According to Drew, Government will spend EC$7 million to upgrade ‘The Strip’, while people are having difficulty sending their children to college.

He said, “It seems that money has been diverted from young people to upgrade an entertainment facility.” He did indicate that nothing is wrong with improving the entertainment facility, but he contends there are more important and pressing matters for the Government to tackle.

The politician questioned the priorities of the Team Unity Government and called on them to “free up” the SIDF-funded REACH program in order to help young people achieve an education.

Drew referenced a mother of two who is having difficulty in sending her children to college, because she works for minimum wage.

Drew said, “The children are being put at a disadvantage, because their mother cannot afford to send them to college [and it is] putting serious strain on the family.” According to Drew, young people cannot get assistance to go to college.

He called on the Government also to “reinstitute the laptop program so that our young people can have the necessary tools to move upward and onward in society.”

He echoed that society demands the best from our young people, but we must give them the tools they need to become the best.

The REACH and laptop programs were initiatives organized by the then government under the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party.

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