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Entrepreneurial opportunities available at Christophe Harbour

She said that several retail opportunities will be available to businesspersons when the marina and the construction are fully completed. 

“We will have provisioning services and any number of different trades. Whether it’s varnishing, maintenance or repairs, truly the list is endless, and the opportunities are right for anyone with entrepreneurial spirit to take advantage of it,” said the marketing director.

Verano pointed out that a lot is still left to be learned from neighboring island Antigua for the way they have developed their marina and yachting services. She noted that the island has established a “really great sailing community, and we are about to do the same here”.

Further, the marketing director told media representatives recently that the development of properties in Christophe Harbour has progressed significantly over the last several months.

“We have seen the construction of five to six new houses. We have seen new buyers coming in from all parts of the world, and clearly, St. Kitts and Nevis is on the map,” Verano noted.

There has been a lot of traffic in the Christophe Harbour area, specifically “walk-in traffic”. This has led to an increase in sales, the marketing director posited.

According to Verano, walk-in traffic to the sales office has “tripled” since 2014, which spells good news for the company.

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