Evangelical Association Elects Bishop Ron Collins as President


At the conference, reports were submitted on the work of the Association over the period under review. The members also approved new Articles of Association to manage the affairs of the Evangelical organization.

The meeting was preceded by a devotional session led by Pastor Ericson Cumberbatch of the Wesleyan Holiness Church.  Rev Dr Eustace Rawlins presented a report on CONECAR 2011, Rev Leroy Matthew presented the Financial Report and the President’s report was presented by Bishop Dublin-Collins.

At the meeting, a Local Organizing Committee was selected to coordinate the Association’s hosting of the Congress of Evangelicals in the Caribbean (CONECAR) to be held in October 2013.

The Conference elected an Executive to manage the affairs of the Evangelical Association over the next three years.  The new Executive includes: President Bishop Ron Dublin-Collins; 1st Vice President Rev Dr. Eustace Rawlins; 2nd Vice President Pastor Kenneth Francis; Secretary Pastor Ericson Cumberbatch; Treasurer           Pastor Leroy Matthew; Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Pastor Sylvester Herbert; Public Relations Officer Pastor Steve Huggins.

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