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Evelyn Lozada Strips down for Peta

The former fur wearing reality star seemed very impressed when she witnessed the final product of her winter themed naked anti-fur ad. With a little help from Christian Louboutin, Evelyn stood tall and proud as she explained to the press why she decided to ditch the fur in her closet:

Animals are pretty much tortured [for their fur.] I couldn’t see the whole video because it was very, very sad. I own five dogs, I am an animal lover and it just changed my views on wearing fur. I have fur coats, I have shoes that have fur, I have scarves that have fur. I was very much into fur so for me to not wear it, I just feel like I am a voice for the animals and if I change one person’s mind on wearing fur, then I feel like I have done something.

Props to Evelyn for killing the game at 37 in her birthday suit, and choosing not to kill animals for fashion.

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