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Ex-NFL Star Joey Porter Arrested for Bouncing Check

The 35-year-old former Super Bowl champ is currently behind bars in Kern County, CA, where he was arrested in a warrant out of Clark County, Nevada for writing a check without having sufficient funds. 

According to the Bakersfield PD, Porter was initially pulled over for a routine traffic violation Friday night when the officer noticed the warrant and arrested him. 

The details surrounding the alleged bad check situation are unclear. 

Still, the allegation is shocking considering Porter made MILLIONS during his stellar 13-year NFL career with the Steelers, Dolphins and Cardinals. In fact, he signed a $32 million deal in 2007 and a $24.5 million deal in 2010. 

As TMZ previously reported, Porter was in Vegas last year where he was seen gambling with $30,000 in chips at a high stakes craps table. 

(Re-printed TMZ)

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