Exciting Presentations Expected For RCL Talent Search Competition 2013 Finals

Finalists will challenge for top honours in the Primary School Section of this Competition, aimed at encouraging excellence in the performing arts, in Dance, Poetry and Vocal Music.  The High School Section will see students lining up to compete in Dance, Instrumental Music and Vocal Music.

The RCL thanks the Ministry of Education, Teachers, Talent Co-ordinators and Talent Tutors, the Ministry of Youth Empowerment and the Ministry of Culture for their continuous support of this Series of Events executed by the RCL .

The RCL also extends heartfelt appreciation to this year’s sponsors, Grace Kennedy Money Services (under its Western Union brand), Warner’s One Stop, Caribbean Credit Card Corporation and Ram’s Trading Limited (local agents of Seven Seas and Sunquick).  Ram’s and Warner’s have been partners of the RCL in this Venture (as well as other Club Events) since 2005 and have contributed immensely to its successful execution.  Grace Kennedy Money Services and 4Cs are sponsoring RCL Talent Search Competition for the first time this year and are sincerely welcomed and commended for this decision, especially in light of the current harsh economic climate that is being experienced by all.

Tickets for the Event are available from the Schools represented in the Finals, Warner’s One Stop, Bird Rock and Members of the RCL.

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