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I had the most wonderful time on stage on December 29th 2012. It was an experience I could never possibly put into words and will always be treasured in my heart. Being crowned the winner of the Digicel Haynes Smith Caribbean Talented pageant is an incredible honour. I’ve been blessed far beyond belief and I am grateful to all those persons who stood by me and contributed to my success in anyway.

I could not have done any of this without God my Heavenly Father. He gives me the strength and guidance to make it through every day.

To my Mother Nicole Berry and my Step Father Lesroy Cannonier, you have given me the strength and confidence to shine. Thanks for your continual love and support. To my Sisters, other family members, my neighbour Aunty Karen and all of my friends; without your love, support and encouragement, I could not have done any of this. To the Principal, Mr. Clifford Govia , staff and students at the Washington Archibald High School, thank you for believing in me. As a true Washie Wild Cat, you have taught me that success should never be an option; it should always be a way of life.

Although most of you only see the end product, there was an amazing, hardworking team around me. I would like to publicly extend my sincerest gratitude to my chaperones Ms. Nadia Rawlins and Mr. Alphonso Henry. You have been with me since my participation in the National Carnival Talented Teen Pageant and you have stood by me through this new chapter in my life. We had many long days and late nights but it all paid off in the end. Thanks to the other members of my Team; Mrs. Charisse Dolphin-Gumbs for being there in the planning stages and every step of the way, Ms. Heidi Slack, Ms. Julie Martin, Ms. Ozelle Martin of Glittering Reign Pageant Coaching & Consulting and Ms. Fiona Swanston-Illis for their advice and assistance with perfecting various segments for the pageant.

Thanks must also be extended to:

Ms. Jackie Flemming – writer of my Ambassadorial Speech
Ms. Margaret Hodge – designer of my Ambassadorial Wear
Mrs. Donna Manchester- Interview Coach
Ms. Winnielle Pierra- Modelling Coach
Ms. Davina Baptiste-Makeup Artist
Ms. Kesha-Hair Stylist
Mr. Rudy Val Greaux- Props for Talent
Mrs. Wendy Grant- Production Number Costume
Ms. Faith Benjamin- Ambassadorial Wear and Talent Costumes
Mr. Melbourne & Team- Ambassadorial Wear Head piece
Mr. Calvin Bartholomew-Supplier for Ambassadorial Wear Materials
Mr. Marlon Bristol- Videographer
Mr. Daryl Charles-Photographer
Mr. Azem Bailey, Mr. Damian Jacobs & Mr. Alva Bradley- Sound Engineers/Technicians

Also, Mr. Antonio Maynard, Mrs. Akilah Byron-Nisbett and the other members of the Haynes Smith Caribbean Talented Teen Committee for giving me the opportunity to represent my country
Ambassador Roslyn Hazelle, The Management and Staff of Digicel,  Ms. Nisharma Rattan- Mack & the other members of the National Carnival Committee, Mr. Saju N’Galla & the St. Kitts Tourism Authority, The Management and Staff of Kittitian Hill, The Management and Staff of Fairview Inn for allowing me to use the grounds to film my promotional video, Ms. Judith Rawlins & Staff at Brown Sugar, Mrs. Unique Jenkins of Anna Ballerina Dance Supply Store, Ms. Iantavian Queeley,Mrs. Naeemah Hazelle- Menon, Ms. Tracy Wattley, Ms. Keimon Archibald, Pastor Lincoln Connor, Ms. Trevicia ‘Barbie’ Adams, Ms. Zinga Imo ,Mr. Terrance Dolphin, Mrs. Bernadette Dolphin, Ms. Kyla Browne & The Staff at Rituals.

Each of you contributed your time, your talents, offered encouragement and inspiration…For this I am eternally grateful. I would also like to congratulate the other Runners-up and the other participants for a wonderful performance. It was a pleasure meeting all of you and I am thankful for the friendships we established during your time here in St. Kitts.

Finally, thanks once again to all persons who contributed to my success in any way. You took this amazing journey with me and I look forward to your continued support during my reign. Thank you and have a blessed 2013!!

Junika Berry

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