Fab called into Power 105 to talk to DJ Clue and essentially told Ray-J to clean himself up and stop letting people around him control what he does.  Fab says nothing Ray-J said actually happened and he’s lying about everything.  Possibly because he’s coked up on pills and high.  (WOW)  Fab maintains he’s a grown ass man who doesn’t need this type of drama and doesn’t even want to ruin a young man like Ray-J.  But here’s his side of the story told by Fabolous:

Fab said :

“This isn’t a big thing to me.  Ray is high and coked up and on pills.”

Ray is going to have to respond and prove that he did what he said he did to me.

I made a couple jokes on Twitter about Ray-J singing on the piano during Floyd Mayweather’s “24/7 show”.  But people are taking it too serious.

Fab joked that only DJ “Negotiator” Clue could squash the beef with “Lil Brandy” (HA!)

Originally, Fab thought everything was ok when he saw Ray-J and Diddy at Floyd’s dinner in Vegas and both were laughing.

Fab says he had a show at The Palms with Jadakiss.  He SAW Ray-J before the show and eveything was all good.  Kevin Hart told him while at a pre-show dinner that “Ray-J’s rocking a red hoodie and has 7 Rolls Royces outside.”  He thought nothing of it.

When he saw “Brandy’s brother,” which Fab kept calling him, with the red hoodie standing next to 50 Cent and Floyd, he dapped everybody up.  And he got to Ray, and Ray said “I’m here with the ‘Money Team’ and we not feelin’ ya jokes.”

He didn’t think Ray was serious at first getting mad over dumb stuff.  Even 50 and Floyd were looking at Ray confused.  And he asked him what was wrong–and Floyd kept bringing up this ‘Money Gang’ and Floyd and 50.  Fab told Ray not to  bring anybody else into it.  But if he was serious, don’t continue to touch his shoulder.  Ray pushed him in his chest, then Fab grabbed him up.

Him trying to go on this “Tupac Rant” is all made up.  “Ray was probably on “That Whitney” last night.”  The ‘Money Team’ can even tell you NOTHING like he said went down.

I grabbed him up by his little red hoodie and said “Chill out Little Red Riding Hood.”  I wasn’t trying to Ortiz him witht he hoodie on, security got involved, I let him go.  He’s behind his security dude yelling at the cieling.  My shades fell off–that’s the only thing that went down.

I went into my dressing room and joked about it with Meek Mill and Kevin Hart.  I actually performed with no shades on.  Ray told the Breakfast Club my face was all f’d up…it’s a lie.  Unless I had a plastic surgeon backstage, everybody would have seen damage to  my face. He didn’t swing, it’s not happening.  There’s nothing wrong with my face.

The interview was funny.  But a lie.  No dudes is raping anybody here on this side.  Up until this point, Ray-J was an associate up until this point.  But the real story is–there’s cool niggas and real niggas and you can’t mix them with lame ni**as.  I don’t care if you got money.  You just a lame ni**a with money.

There’s no way Ray-J is getting anything off on me.  Nothing.  Never.  Never ever.

I don’t want people to think I didn’t respond because he got something on me.  But anybody real doesn’t believe Ray-J’s made up story.

Fab says he’s leaving twitter alone for a while because it gets him in trouble.  Hopefully he’ll chime in on the #ThingHarderThanRayJ trending topic first though.  Regardless of the real story…that interview this morning was a HOT ASS MESS.  As is this entire situation.  Sonja please come get ya son….

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