Farewell to the Mighty Bomber-a great loss

By MyVue News.com Staff Reporter

Basseterre, 2nd January 2021, (MyVue News.com)-The powerful and melodious voice of the veteran Trinidadian calypsonian, the Mighty bomber, has been silenced by death.

Bomber, whose legal name was Clifton Ryan, died on 1st January, 2022, New Year’s Day in his adopted country/

Born in Grenada, Bomber migrated to Trinidad in 1956 and eventually became of that country’s leading calypsonians.

He won the calypso crown in Trinidad in 1964, defeating the likes of his good friend, Sparrow.

During his long career, he produced many great hits, including Proverbs, Animal cricket Match, Land of Spice, Mr. Unfortunate, Juvenile Delinquency, James and Joan and Professor Broomes.

He was 93 but was due to celebrate his 94h birthday on 30th January.

His loss will be greatly felt in the music industry and calypso in particular.

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