Fate of former Turks and Caicos premier now with Brazilian authorities

Todd said, “We have filed all the papers and nothing remains to be done from our standpoint… it remains in the hands of the Brazilian authorities.”

Todd then went on to say that it was Misick’s choice to flee to Brazil and Misick’s choice to ask for asylum in the South American country.

After   being arrested last year, Misick was released on bail to pursue an appeal   against an initial denial of his application for asylum. His appeal to the   Brazilian courts was also refused, following which he was re-arrested and is   currently held in custody awaiting extradition to the TCI.
  During his first period in custody, Misick wrote several letters claiming he   was willing to return voluntarily. However, once he was free on bail, he made   no apparent effort to do so.
  Statements made by officials in Brazil last year gave Misick little hope when   they announced they do not grant asylum in order to harbour people who are   fleeing from justice.




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