While up to press time, full details remained unavailable, sources told the Express Devanand Gokool and his son, Jeremy, were at their home in St Helena Village when an armed assailant walked into the building.

Residents of the arearepor­ted hearing several loud explosions before seeing an indi­vidual exiting the Gokool residence.

Upon investigating, they found the father and son lying in a pool of blood on the ground of their home. They both had gunshot wounds to their heads.

The police were notified and a party of officers led by Senior Superintendent Johnny Abraham responded.

Officers conducted enquiries and a description of the suspect was given and an all-points bulletin was issued to officers on mobile patrol.

Road blocks were established in the vici­nity and police called for aerial assistance from the air guard and National Operations Centre.

However, up to press time, no one was held.  Devanand, police said, was employed at the Ministry of Works. His son was unemployed.

This pushes the murder toll for the year to date to 276.

The figure on August 21 last year stood at 249.


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