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Female Tries to Smuggle Drugs in Pack of Cheetos


Among the items that appear to be on the list of most frequent attempts, are cell phones and drugs.

In the latest incident that actually took place during the carnival season, police arrested a female resident after she attempted to smuggle cannabis to an inmate at Her Majesty’s Prison, on New Year’s Day. The drug was hidden in a pack of Cheetos, according to officials. 

The Lower Shaw Avenue resident, whose name was at the time of the release, not disclosed, took along with the sealed pack of Cheetos a meal of rice, macaroni pie and mutton and a bottle of Ribena. 

A prison officer inspecting the food found three balls of vegetable material suspected to be cannabis in the pack of Cheetos. 

Police were called and the female was arrested and charged with possession of cannabis and possession with intent to supply.

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