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FINCO Gets Award from US Based Group

The group, known as the Nevisian Association of Washington DC (NEVDC) explained that the award was necessary because of the company’s ‘Excellence in Financial Services.’

A release from TDC, the parent company of FINCO, said that the North American based organization selected the company to receive the recognition based on its demonstration of leadership, creativity, community involvement and accomplishments, as well as, overall contribution to the development of the Banking and Finance on Nevis.

 The accolade was presented at the Association’s 8th Annual Awards Banquet held at the Bethesda Marriott Hotel and Conference Centre to Ms. Keesha Jones, Nevis Branch Manager and Director of TDC (Nevis) Limited by Mr. Rico Clarke, NEVDC Executive Member. 

The inscription reads:

The Nevisian Association of Washington, DC (NEV-DC)



Through your innovative financial services to society and your philanthropic undertaking, you have contributed significantly in the building of a nation and enhancing the lives and lifestyle of the Nevisian populace.




 In accepting the award, Ms. Jones expressed words of appreciation to NEVDC and spoke of FINCO’s contribution to the advancement of the financial sector and to the country on a whole.

“On behalf of the Board, Management, and Staff of the St. Kitts-Nevis Finance Company Limited (FINCO), I express sincere appreciation and gratitude to NEVDC.  We are indeed humbled to be selected to receive the honour. Since our inception, FINCO has brought to Nevis a diverse portfolio of financial services that continue to cater to the needs of all Nevisians to help them meet their obligations or realize their dreams”, stated Jones.

She also noted that the acknowledgement demonstrated and underscored FINCO’s capabilities as an industry leader, as we continue to help shape the National landscape, through innovation, good Corporate practices and Community Outreach, in an effort to make Nevis more prosperous.

FINCO formally opened its doors to the public in 1995, under the umbrella of the TDC Group of Companies to deliver innovative financial solutions in all manner of industries.

The Nevisian Association of Washington DC (NEV-DC) was founded in 2003 by Nevisians in the Washington DC area, who pledged to come together with the objective of creating an organization, which will create a positive impact on the lives of Nevisians at home and abroad.

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