Fire destroys Newtown home

According to an eyewitness, it was around 10:15 am, while at home, he heard a loud explosion coming from the John Street area and decided to investigate after smelling smoke.

“I hear this loud sound like something exploded, so I say probably is a tire, but when I start smelling smoke and when I looked outside I saw black smoke from up the road,” the eyewitness said.

He further noted that when he arrived on the scene, thick smoke was seen billowing from the roof of the small concrete structure where after the St. Kitts Fire and Rescue Service was contacted.

“They came very quick, but because the house was small and the fire moved through quickly, by the time they arrived everything was destroyed within the house,” the sourced told

Another eyewitness explained that at the time of the fire, there maybe were at least three persons home. “I saw the two girls heading up the road by Best Buy. About like ten minutes or so after, I saw both of them running going back down.”

Fire-officers-on-the-sceneUnconfirmed reports reaching this publication stated that there was a young man at home at the time of the fire. The reports further stated that Electricians who were there at the time managed to pull the young man out of the burning building.

It is however unconfirmed if the young man had died as a result of the fire.

When arrived on the scene, some of the occupants, who were too inconsolable to speak to this publication, were seen trying to get a glimpse of what was left of their home.

After fire officials gave the green light, saying it was now safe to enter the building but shortly after cries and moans were heard coming from within the gutted building. A woman was also seen outside holding a family album.

“Wuh meh guh do now, wuh meh gon go see” one family member lamented.  

Family-members-of-destroyed-house-in-NewtownA live wire, which was detached from the house, was also seen in the nearby drain, still very much dangerous, as it sparked on the road way. This sent scores of persons running from the scene.

About 15 minutes after, workers from SKELEC arrived and disconnected the power.

Burnt household items seen included a mattress and three gas bottles. 


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