First EU ambassador to OECS presents credentials

  The director general warmly welcomed the EU ambassador to the OECS   Secretariat, making special mention of the longstanding relationship between   Europe and the Eastern Caribbean, as well as the European Union and the   Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.
  “The establishment of diplomatic relations between our two organizations is a   crucial step in the history of our partnership, because today, we are   responding in a bold, genuine and practical way to the demands of the time by   entering deliberately into a new relationship, very much in the nature of a   paradigm shift – a relationship which will by definition determine the nature   and thrust of a new engagement, while at the same time serving as a platform   for action based on a real and meaningful partnership between friends,” she   affirmed.
  Ishmael also recalled some of the major contributions made by the European   Union towards the development of the region in key areas such as health,   tourism, agriculture and trade.
  In response, Barfod called attention to the unique relationship existing   between the European Union and the OECS, and affirmed his commitment to   further enhance the relationship between the two organizations.
  In highlighting the European Union’s commitment towards the development of   the OECS, he stated, “Various projects totaling 23.6 million Euros since   March 2012 have contributed to the excellent relations between the European   Union and the OECS, which I hope to maintain and strengthen.”
  The ambassador also pointed to the tremendous achievements of the OECS in   integration, and congratulated the Organization on its efforts to efficiently   insert the region in the global economy
  Both the director general and the ambassador noted the strong commonalities   between the European Union and the OECS, especially with regard to the mutual   objectives of unity and social and economic progress, as well as the shared   values of democracy, inclusiveness, human rights, and the rule of law. They   both agreed that the new and deepened partnership will serve to strengthen   even further, the cooperation between their respective Organizations, leading   to a positive impact on the development and well-being of their member   states.

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