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First Night Wedding Held in St. Kitts

It was on Thursday 29th November, at 7:15pm that the SDA church, celebrated with the new couple in wedding ceremony, conducted by Evangelist Pastor Sherwin White. The ceremony took place in the closing week of the crusade, under the “Power in the Blood Gospel Extravaganza” tent.

The newly-weds were Mr. Marlon Douglas and Cynthia Marsham.

On the night of the wedding, with great excitement and anticipation, everyone was seated an hour before the designated time,   Spectators came from all parishes of St

Undying-love.Kitts to witness and support the couple to be wed. The tent was surrounded by “on-lookers” and “passers-by”, who eagerly awaited the entrance of the bride. At the sound of the music, “Here comes the bride”, the faces of the attendees lit with amazement as the bride dazzled her way to the altar to meet her soon to be husband. Those that were unable to see made their way to the extreme front of the tent to ensure visibility. After the ceremony had begun, the ushers were still busy trying to find available seats for visitors and invited guests.

The invited guests and congregation attending the grand celebration expressed their best wishes and contentment with the couple’s union with haughty “Amen”s; so loud that both the bride and groom’s faces radiated more and more with undying love for each other.

For every word of encouragement given by Pastor White, the congregation responded in the affirmative.

There were harmonious and heartfelt cheers from the congregation, spectators and passers-by after Pastor White pronounced the couple, “Mr. And Mrs Douglas”. Over 700 persons shared in the celebration of the newlyweds; becoming the first couple to be married in the night at a crusade in St. Kitts.

According to a church member, the Seventh-Day Adventist promotes holistic life changing lifestyles that cater to the spiritual, physical, emotional and social well-being of any individual. Not only do they celebrate the success of persons accepting Christ as Lord and saviour but they also celebrate family, family values and moral, and marriages.

The crusade was one of the longest ever in St. Kitts, running for approximately five weeks. Night after night, the visitors came as they were transformed by the proclamation and revelations of God’s Word preached by Pastor Sherwin White. The weekly outline of the crusade was designed to keep the interest of all members and visitors by introducing activities that displayed the talents and gifts of individuals. This was in the form of Extravaganza Concerts, Special Music, Dramatization, Instrumental pieces, (saxophone etc.) and promoting proper dental health. Each week’s sermon ended with a baptism at the Frigate Bay Beach, and grand social under the tent.

POWER IN THE BLOOD EXTRAVAGOver 3,500 persons congregated over the 5 week period with a nightly average of 700 attending for each service.

Commencing from October 28th, to December 02, 2012, The “Power in the Blood Gospel Extravaganza” crusade is said to have significantly impacted the community of Greenlands and its neighbouring villages.

The Seventh-Day Adventist Church in collaboration with the Seventh Day Adventist Primary School also celebrated success academically, awarding outstanding students of the school’s past academic year.

The “Power in the Blood Gospel Extravaganza”, celebrated its success with a closing candle light service on Sunday 2nd December, 2012.

The Seventh-Day Adventist continues to celebrate success spiritually, academically and changing lifestyle of the people of St. Kitts.

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