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First Week of Easter School Vacation

The term, which began in January, was filled with the usual sporting events and other extracurricular activities and ran until the 5th of April. 

The vacation will see a number of students heading off to various camps, while others will be involved in academic activities.

Most of these will be the fifth formers who are expected to be engaged in extra class sessions and study groups as they prepare for the final weeks leading up to the all important Caribbean Examinations Council Exams.

Much emphasis is also being placed on the finishing touches of School Based Assessments, SBAs, which carry, in some cases, up to 40% of certain CXC courses, for the final exams. 

For those in the primary schools however, the next major academic challenge, to be tackled in the coming third term, will be the Test of Standards, involving students in classes Grade 3 to Grade 6. This is administered by the Federal Ministry of Education.

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