Five including three Jamaica police officers charged with murder of entertainer

Charges are to be laid against the five following a ruling by a jury in the Coroner’s Court on Tuesday in the inquest into the death of Hill.

Justice Patrick Murphy who presided over the matter,ordered that warrants be issued for the arrest of all five persons who were absent at the time of the verdict.

The inquest into the controversial shooting death of the 37-year-old entertainer began in September, 2010.

The police claimed that Hill was killed in a shoot-out when they went in search of him at his home on December 9, 2009.

Before his death, Hill made several complaints to a number of bodies, including the Police Public Complaints Authority (PPCA) and Jamaicans For Justice (JFJ) concerning incidents between himself and the police, expressing fear for his life and the safety of his family.

Hill had also recorded and released a number of videos on the Internet detailing his allegations of abuse at the hands of the police.

He also posted video showing police officers ill-treating him and his then pregnant wife at their Kingston home.

On Wednesday, human rights lobby group JFJ expressed pleasure at the verdict of the jury.

“JFJ represented the family of Robert Hill during the coroner’s inquest, as it has done for over 100 families of deceased persons in the past two years. The organisation is heartened by INDECOM’s work in this matter,” a release from JFJ said.

The lobby group, however, lamented the long time it took for the inquest to be completed and called for the criminal case to be expedited in the interest of justice.


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