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Five Taken to Hospital After Bus and Backhoe Collision

Sergeant Calvin Amory of the Traffic Department told that the incident took place along the Island’s Main Road sometime after 9:00 a.m. on Monday, 18th April, 2011 at Challengers Village in the vicinity of the “1925” corner.

He explained that the accident involved passenger omnibus HA4304 driven by Gregory Liburd of Douglas Development and a backhoe belonging to the Water Department PA2491, which was at the time driven by Claudius Lawrence of Lavington.

Outlining the circumstances of the incident as he understands them, Amory explained that, “The bus was travelling towards the direction of Basseterre and the backhoe was travelling in the opposite direction. As both vehicles were coming around the 1925 corner, the bucket of the backhoe collided with the right rear portion of the bus causing it to be badly damaged.” understands that 12 passengers were aboard the omnibus and after the Emergency Medical Services was summoned to the scene, five were taken to JNF for medical treatment. The drivers of the vehicles, however, were uninjured and no damage was reportedly done to the backhoe.

This publication understands that the injuries which were sustained by the five are minor.

Sergeant Amory issued a familiar appeal to motorists to drive with caution and be observant.

“When people are driving they need to exercise whatever caution is needed. It is not only applied to that area but to all areas. If you realise a space may not be wide enough for you to pass, stop and allow whatever obstruction is there to move and when the space becomes free, then you proceed.”



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