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Floodlights for Warner Park Cricket Stadium?

Six years after its opening however, it seems like the owners of the facility, the Government of St. Kitts & Nevis, is now dedicating some attention to the possibilities.

With the many innovations taking place in the game of cricket and the success of night cricket, it has become evident that in order for the game to continue its developments here, and for the federation to attract top regional and international matches, the national cricket stadium at Warner Park has to be given the option and facilities to accommodate night games under flood lights.

According to the Director of Sport, Mr. Dave Connor, while speaking on ZIZ Radio’s Talking Sports program on Monday night, (13th February, 2012), he indicated that the Government is definitely looking into this initiative, which he said can be a great boost to locals, to the game of cricket in St. Kitts and to the economy; and that the department is seriously exploring all the options available.

Connor however added that the Sports Department is also welcoming donations from members of the general public in whatever form, to ensure this initiative is realized.

Connor was reacting to comments made by the Chairman of the new Interim Management Committee of the St. Kitts Cricket Association, Mr. Auckland Hector. Hector, who was a guest on the program, revealed that one of his main intentions, as head of the committee, is to implement night cricket here in St. Kitts, as he sees it as an avenue to lure large crowds to support the game once again.

Warner Park is set to stage a regional first class match between Guyana and the Combined Colleges & Campuses, (CCC), starting this Thursday, 16th February, at 10:00am.

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