Former Earth Tones Brass Leader Passes

The sad news of the passing of Jeffrey Brookes, of the once famous Earth Tones Brass, began circulating on Tuesday, with many still wanting to believe that it was a false alarm. Unfortunately, it was soon confirmed that the former band leader passed away at his home on Tuesday 28th May, 2013.

After his last hospitalization a few months ago, Brookes retreated to his home in Newton Ground, prefering to remain out of the spotlight and having very few visitors.

It was only last December, that he was seen at a number of the calypso tents, as he enjoyed what turned out to be his last festive season, taking in the local calypso music and supporting, as he had done for so many years.

He had also developed a respectable track record as a producer for many local groups who flocked to his studio, (Platinum Productions Recording Studio), for their latest productions. Many have stated that “Miles” as he was also known by friends and colleagues, was a producer who accepted nothing but perfection.

Since his early teen years, Jeffrey was deep into his musical career, as an accomplished keyboardist and vocalist. One of the songs he will be remembered for was, “Perhaps, Perhaps”, which was recorded in the 1970s with Earth Tones Brass.

Other great tunes associated with the band were, I feel love, Jam we jamming, Tempo, I will love you forever, Saturday night fever and the big hit of the mid 1970s… One for De Road, which almost clinched the Road March, until Ellie Matt & the GI’s Brass destroyed their chances.

As the leader of this group Brookes managed to develop a very large fan base and a reputation for being the last band to leave the road at carnival time, sometimes “jamming” until mid night, with fans still not getting enough. This is why they were nick-named, “the road runners”.

The band included many other leading musicians, such as Nigel (Williams), Slim (Edwards), Austin, Chip, Leader, Cutie, Bass, George…and so many more.

No word at this time on the funeral arrangements.



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