Former Education Minister Reminds Students on the Importance of Learning

At a recent awards ceremony Harris reminded the gathering, which was comprised mostly primary school students, that there are many benefits to be derived from remaining in school and obtaining a good education.

“If you learn all you can in school you will be on the way to making a success of your lives.  You will live a respectable life. You will appreciate it is better to work for what you want rather than to steal, rob or lie for it,” the former education minister said.

He said he hopes that the education system will not only empower the students with a mind of intellect but also a heart.

“We must utilize our heads and our hearts. Our hearts will help us to live better together in love.  Forgiveness, understanding, compassion, and feeling for your fellow human being are important attributes, and your education must mould your thinking and your total personality,” he added.

As part of celebrations for Harris’ recently-concluded one-week of activities to commemorate his 17th year as a Member of Parliament for St. Christopher #7, twenty-five primary school students from his constituency were awarded with scholarships.

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