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Former Labour Party Senator lashes Government for Canadian Visa imposition

Speaking on Sugar City FM on Tuesday 9th December, Condor said that the Canadians would have notified the authorities about what they intended to do.

She believes that “They would have said to him (Prime Minister) by such and such a date if you don’t do certain things this is what is going to happen.”  

 “You cannot believe that it happened like that,” said Condor.

She claimed that the government was wilful and deliberate in their actions to hide the information from the public.

However, the one-time executive of the Labour Party noted that this could have all been avoided, but the Prime Minister took to the road to disappear off island when the issue arose.

“Because nobody is going to tell me that they did not know beforehand what was going to happen. And in his usual way, he (the Prime Minister) disappeared off island. I’m told that the Minister of National Security was up and down looking for him and Edmeade.”

Further, she lashed out at the government for not notifying the people earlier about the visa changes, instead she said they allowed individuals to frantically purchase airline tickets which cannot now be refunded.

“We had a good relationship; we did not have to do anything to go and get into Canada. Just be the friendly allies that we say we are.” She also reminded her listeners of the good that Canada has done for St. Kitts and Nevis in development aid.

Decisions that were made have put the people of the Federation in a bad light, said the former senator.  She added that all this has been detrimental to nationals seeking entry to Canada.

Condor, who is the wife of the former Deputy Prime Minister, Sam Condor, added that “We have seen the policies concealed in private and being carried out behind our backs.

They must not down play the situation, the former senator of the St. Kitts and Nevis Labour Party urged.

She noted that the government knew and they should have saved people the huge expense of purchasing tickets to fly to Canada. 


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