Former PM urges party supporters to swing voters to PAM and Unity

With the anniversary coming at a time when general elections are near, Sir Kennedy provided words of advice for PAM candidates, as well as members and supporters of the party. He told the audience that they must use the support generated over the years to mobilize for success.

“We have to energize our core support, the core membership that has developed over the last 50 years, we have to energize and mobilize that core support… We have strong support in this country, and first, we have to carry the message, each and everyone of us out there, that all of the People’s Action Movement must be mobilized and return to the fold, not to be led like sheep, but to move together and work for the deliverance of this country of ours,” urged Sir Kennedy, a former Central Basseterre candidate, as he highlighted the importance of ongoing canvasing.

“At the end of the day, our candidates must go out there and win people. But, we cannot put it on them alone. All of us have to go out there. All of us must win somebody… We must convince people so that there is a swing of voters away from Douglas to the People’s Action Movement and Team Unity… That effort to create that swing must continue right up to the last moment. That is the charge I give to each and evey one of you,” said Sir Kennedy.

The former prime minister told supporters that they cannot dwell too much on the past, but they must focus on what needs to be done in preparation for the upcoming general elections.

“This is the time for us to be up and doing, in the now and for the future,” he told supporters, while admonishing them not to be complacent.

The constituency #2 hosted event was part of a year-long anniversary program commemorating the Golden Jubilee of the People’s Action Movement.


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