Former premier disappointed with Premier Amory

The tragic incident took place on 17th October, in the early morning hours at Enrique Bar in Charlestown. It is still unclear what happened, but a police press release indicated that an altercation between several men, including the police officer, led to the discharge of the officer’s weapon and the juvenile getting shot. He was declared dead at the Alexander Hospital at 4:10 a.m. Saturday.

The High Command of the St. Kitts and Nevis Police Force held a press conference in Charlestown on Monday and called for patience as the investigation continues. The Acting Commissioner of Police Stafford Liburd promised a thorough investigation “to arrive at the truth”.

Speaking on a radio program and in the context of two recent police shootings, Parry said, “I heard somebody say that Nevisians don’t seem to be upset. They are. They are very upset about what took place. Regardless of what they believe or don’t believe, they feel that the young man should not have been shot.”

According to Parry, there is “a crisis of sorts”, as there is tension on the island and a lack of confidence in the Police. Parry stated, “The Police are already under suspicion. The Police are under attack, and this is going to make them nervous. The population has lost confidence in the Police and is very resentful. I understand that even at the hospital, some doors were damaged as a result of an altercation, which took place when the body was at the hospital.”

The former premier believes that having a police press conference was unlikely to help the situation, as they could only provide limited information because of the nature of their work. Instead, he expressed the view that the political leadership should have taken center stage in speaking to the people of Nevis.

Parry said, “Mr. Amory is the leader of the island, and they are looking to him for leadership… Mr. Amory should have had his own press conference. Going to the Police press conference, I really don’t know what that is. And going there and saying nothing is even worse… The people of Nevis expected to hear from Mr. Amory.”

According to Parry, Premier Amory needed to calm the situation. “There is need for calm and assurance,” said Parry.

He continued, “There is need for the people to be told, ok it has happened; the other shooting has happened. We are looking into it. The public needs the Police. The Police needs the public. We can’t afford to be on a rocky road right now, and we can’t afford to have violence right now, because we don’t want the people turning on the Police, and we don’t want the Police overreacting. Those are the kinds of things you expected to hear from a leader – a voice of calm bringing reassurance to the people.”

Parry said he was “disturbed” about what happened, referring to the holding of a police press conference.

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