Former St. Kitts Cricket Captain arrested

But a recent incident involving the cricketer is giving cause for concern.

On Thursday 23rd January, 2014, Liburd, who is also a former captain of the Leeward Islands Cricket Team, was arrested and charged for the offence of assault, threatening language and armed with an offensive weapon.

Police say the matter occurred at the Conaree Cricket Grounds in St. Kitts but when asked who Liburd assaulted the police spokesman indicated that they would not say at this time. No information was also provided when asked what specific type of weapon he was alleged to have had in his possession.

The police also did not provide much, in details, about the circumstances that may have prompted the alleged use of threatening language and the assault.

However, what is now learning is that the whole matter may have been inaccurately projected by authorities, with claims now being made that Liburd’s alleged assault may not have really been as the police has released. It is also being said that he had an exchange of words with a senior government official who also made certain remarks to Liburd that in themselves could be considered inappropriate.

It is also understood that legal representatives for the two sides met on Monday to try to resolve the matter with the hope of avoiding obvious public embarrassment, not only for Liburd, and it is likely that some agreement could be reached. For the time being however, Liburd is being advised to keep a lid on the matter until further discussions are held between the parties.

The 29 year old resident of Freeman’s Village made his first class debut for the Leeward Islands in 2006 against Guyana. He also played in the 2004 U-19 Cricket World Cup in Bangladesh.

Steve starred in the Stanford 20/20 as captain of St Kitts Tournament held in the Caribbean. In 2007 he was a professional at Royton CC in the Central Lancashire League.

Cricinfo also said Liburd has impressed at each age-group level from West Indies Under-15 to the Academy. In 2000, he was vice-captain of the West Indies Under-15 team that won the Cost Cutter U15 World Cup Challenge where he hit the winning run.

Police said they are continuing their investigations into the matter.


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