Former TDC Supervisor charged with Aiding robbery of TDC Sandy Point Branch

A police press release on 8th February, 2011, informs that on 4th February, 2011, Daniel of Sandy Point was formally arrested and charged with “aiding and abetting the commission of the said robbery and was then remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison.”

Further explained in the press release is that Elroy ‘Stannie’ Williams and Junior ‘Q’ Sobratie, who were previously arrested and charged in relation to the 17th November, 2010 tourist robbery, are expected to be changed in connection with this incident.

“Also, in relation to the said TDC Sandy Point Branch Robbery, there are like warrants in existence for the arrest of Elroy Williams alias “Stannie” and Junior Sobratie alias “Q” both of Sandy Point but who are presently remanded at H.M. Prisons on Robbery charges. Investigations are ongoing.” understands that at the time of the incident ‘Sexman’ was the Senior Supervisor of the TDC Sandy Point Branch. That incident was one of two to affect TDC’s Sandy Point Branch and sometime in January, 2011, it closed its operations.



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