FOXY LADY: Barbie Gets a ‘Fro, Just In Time For The Holidays

Here a interesting Christmas gift you never expected…..a black Barbie doll with an afro!

Sure, Barbie has had “black” friends in the past, but they were usually on that creamy crack. This Barbie is rocking a natural ‘fro, thanks to a group of creative folks.  They’ve remixed the dolls’ manufactured hair into natural styles using pipe cleaners, end papers, and boiling water.

The doll is the result of efforts by an African-American natural hair group who plan to distribute the Barbies to young girls at Booker T. Washington apartments in Columbus, GA for the holidays.  The

This is a fab initiative and I think it should be done with ALL women to spread the message that there is more than one type of beauty. And shows that Nicki Minaj isn’t the only black Barbie around this season.



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