Friendly academic rival continues between Washie and BHS in CXC exams

They have been known to mount aggressive competitions against each other in sports and other academic events but the annual results of the CXC exams has demonstrated that the Basseterre High School and the Washington Archibald High School are indeed the top institutions in St. Kitts and Nevis.

The results also show that both schools have much to be proud of and that their students continue to work hard to deliver excellent results.

This year, however, and despite all the troubles it has had to overcome, it was the BHS that produced the best overall results for CSEC in 2014, but it was the WAHS that entered the highest number of students. The difference between the two schools however was marginal, with the BHS edging out their archrivals by less than one percentage point.

The Washington Archibald High School entered 122 candidates in 29 subject areas.  Of the 933 subject entries, the highest number of entries at any one school, 86.81% or 810 returned passing grades.

WAHS-2No subject returned a pass rate below 64%, and 100% pass rate was realized in Agricultural Science DA, Clothing & Textiles, Economics, French, Home Economics: Management, Information Technology, Physics, Technical Drawing, EDPM, PE & Sport, Building Tech: Woods and Electrical & Electronic Technology.

The Basseterre High School entered 119 students offering themselves in 26 subject areas.  Of the 698 subject entries, 86.96% (the highest percentage pass rate in the Federation for 2014) or 607 returned passing grades which is an improvement over the 79.74% obtained in 2013.

The BHS had 100% pass rates in Food & Nutrition, Home Economics, Information Technology, Music, Office Administration, Principles of Accounts, Spanish, Technical Drawing, EDPM, PE & Sport, and Building Tech: Woods.

The Minister of Education, Senator Nigel Carty, in his recent announcement of the Performance of Students in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC), said the total number of candidates across all of our schools sitting in May-June 2014 was 776. 

Exams were written in 32 subjects across all schools in both Nevis and St. Kitts. There were 4,683 subject entries with 3,707 entries returning passing grades for a national average pass rate at CSEC for 2014 of 79%, while the Caribbean region returned a pass rate of 61%. Exceeding the regional average by 18 percentage point is indeed highly laudable, said the Minister.

Carty said the Ministry is quite pleased that the following subjects have turned out 100% pass rates across all schools: Home Economics – Management, Building Technology – Construction and Physical Education & Sports. Pass rates of 90% and above were additionally realized in Agricultural Science Single and Double Awards, Clothing & Textiles, Information Technology, and Electronic Document Preparation & Management (EDPM).

School Departments responsible for these subjects ought to be highly commended for this outstanding achievement, opined Carty. 

He added that English Language returned a pass rate 68% which is particularly commendable given that there has been an increase in the number of students sitting the English exam this year. Of further note is that this 68% pass rate compares very favourably with the 56% pass rate in the subject regionally.

Mathematics has put forward it best showing in several years, returning a 64% pass rate compared to the regional average of just 46%. “While we are proud of the vast improvement in Mathematics this year, we take note of the need for the exertion of even greater effort in this apparently challenging subject and the need to get more students to sit and pass the examination,” stated the Minister.




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