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Gallows Bay described as Ideal Location for Fisheries Complex

Speaking to the Nevis Department of Information Friday afternoon, Anslyn, himself a leader in the fishing industry for decades, said Gallows Bay will be a place for fishermen to market their products easier, without the stress of worrying about refrigeration or selling their day’s catch.

Anslyn, who served as Director of Fisheries in the past added that one of the stipulations of receiving the grant aid from Japan was that the Administration would have to supply the land.

“The Japanese experts visited Nevis and toured the island, and in their view also Gallows Bay is the most suitable location for the Complex”.

Anslyn contend the reasons for his conviction go beyond the obvious.

“The fact that Gallows Bay is subject to heavy erosion is important, as the people of Nevis will soon see the Bay up into the Bogs. Therefore we must look down the road to what the facility can do for the island, and all in all we will have to look positively to the future”.

The Project is scheduled to begin construction later this year at a cost of US$26 million.

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