Gavin ‘Moon’ Clarke celebrates fastest time at the track in Nevis

The test and tune went off without incident on Saturday and the main event took place on Sunday.

A good-sized crowd was in attendance on the day of the grand finals and, despite occasional inclement weather, the majority of the racing fans stuck it out with their umbrellas when required.

At the end of the day, Gavin ‘Moon’ Clarke was the man smiling from ear to ear as his car King of Calle clocked the fastest time on the track — an astonishing 5.3 seconds in the 1/8 mile event.

The summarized overall results were:

14 Seconds Category:
1st: Casim Pemberton (St Kitts)
2nd: Fredrick Parris (Nevis)

13 Seconds Category:
1st: Annelise Lebrant (Nevis)
2nd: Todd Pemberton (Nevis)

12 Seconds Category:
1st: Reese Liburd (St Kitts)
2nd: Seth Arthurton (Nevis)

11 Seconds Category:
1st: Dwayne Dacosta (St Kitts)
2nd: Alexander James (St Kitts)

10 Seconds Category:
1st: Calbert Williams Aka “Decky” (St Kitts)
2nd: Ric Pennyfeather (St Kitts)

Open Class Catergory:
1st: Lewis Elder (Antigua)
2nd: Sherlock Queeley (St Kitts)

Outlaw Class Catergory:
1st: Gavin Clarke aka “Moon” also with the fastest time of the Day 5.3 seconds to the 1/8th Mile (Nevis)
2nd: Eustace Nisbett aka “Smarty” (Nevis)

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