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German Embassy Release

The source of these additional funds is revenue from the auctioning of carbon credits. The funds aremade available for a project under the responsibility of the German Federal Ministry for EconomicCooperation and Development (BMZ).Through this additional financial support, the German Government demonstrates its determinationto contribute to the goals agreed at the global climate conference in Copenhagen and confirmed inCancún, according to which the industrialised countries are to mobilise, starting in 2020, an annual100 billion USD for climate change mitigation and/or adaptation from public and private sources.

The German Government has also decided to continue its joint programme of “Tropical ForestProtection” with the Co-operative Republic of Guyana. The intention of this programme is tocontribute to the preservation of biodiversity and natural resources in the Guyana Protected AreasSystem, in particular the effective and long-term protection of core areas as well as the sustainableuse of natural resources on the land adjacent to the protected areas.

To this effect the German Government will make an additional amount of 4.3 million eurosavailable in form of a grant for the third phase of the programme “Tropical Forest Protection”.!Theysupplement the 8.1 million euros already committed over the first two phases of the project.

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