Ghett’a Life premieres at Toronto film showcase

Ghett’a Life is still playing in Jamaica to full audiences after its July 27 premiere. according to the producers the popularity of the film at the local boxoffice has been fuelled by strong reviews and word of mouth.

Ghett’a Life is a story about what is possible when we go beyond the ignorance that divides us and find the strength in unity and solidarity. It follows Derrick, a determined inner city teenager, struggling to realise his dream of becoming a champion boxer despite a country, community and family driven by divisive politics.

Chris Browne, the writer/director, will be attending the North American premiere in Toronto by Caribbean Tales Film Showcase. The premiere will be co-hosted by the Consulate General for Jamaica and JAMPRO on Tuesday, September 13 at the Studio Theatre, Harbourfront Centre in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Ghett’a Life is the second major film from Chris Browne, who directed Third World Cop in 1999, the highest grossing film in Jamaica.

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