Gilda Vaughn Rescued in Early Morning Raid

Police sources are now confirming that following an extensive investigation, and support from various agencies, they managed to stage a successful rescue operation around 5:00am, Saturday morning, (29th October, 2011), of a Kittitian woman who was kidnapped on Friday.

The police are remaining very careful not to say too much either about their operation or the circumstances and details surrounding the whole kidnapping incident, but they have indicated that it took great effort from many, to make the rescue

The police have also confirmed that the victim, Gilda Vaughn, was found in an unoccupied house, close to the Warner Park Cricket Stadium and the National Housing Corporation, NHC, at East Park Range.

It is also believed that the security forces were able to recover a number of firearms.

On Friday, reports started to emerge in the early hours that Mrs. Vaughn had been held by criminals who demanded that her husband Larry, journey to the First Caribbean Internal Bank, where he works, to remove a quantity of money that was to be paid as ransom for the release of his wife. No report though has been given on whether the money was obtained or paid.hous

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