“Glitz and Glam” comes to Nevis

This daughter of the soil is an experienced and trained cosmetologist and has over twenty years of experience under her belt. She is a member of ABC’s Good Morning America’s Beauty Brigade and has worked with ABC’s anchor for Good Morning America, Ms. Robin Roberts.

Petula has also been in the background of TV shows like The Apprentice and The Insider.

Ms. Skeete explains, “Growing up in Nevis was very hard for me from a fashion stand point because at the age of ten I was wearing size ten shoes which were difficult to source. So when I got a nice pair of shoes to fit me, I was overjoyed but scared at the same time as I was afraid of ruining my ‘Sunday best’. Gone are those days! Thanks to modern technology you can be ten years old, wearing size ten and feel appropriately fabulous. Fashion comes and goes but one has to know one’s self and know which ‘looks’ suit you best regardless of your size”.

“Glitz and Glam Boutique” will be located on Low Street, Nevis and will be officially opened on Saturday 30th March.

 “The intimate ambience of the store will make customers feel comfortable as they relax while we put our mind to work to tailor their needs to suit any occasion. I would like to give back to the people of my native land by sharing my knowledge on customizing that signature look that will reflect your individuality” exclaimed Ms.Skeete.


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