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Gloria Carey Crowned Miss KDI

In the end however it was Miss Social & Emotional Development, Ms. Gloria Carey, who captured the crown, defeating her other four contestants who all made in Promotional Speech, Creative Wear, Talent and Evening Wear.

Carey scored an overall total of 559 points, as she again demonstrated that it is consistency of performance that goes a long way in winning pageants of any type. She easily out did her competition in the Promotional Speech, which was the first judged segment of the contest, gaining some 138 points,  to her closest rival’s 127; that of Miss Physical Development & Health, Zareema Pemberton, on 127 points.

Carey was also the winner of the Creative Wear, when she gained 157 points ahead of Natalee Eulette’s 143.

Other outstanding individual performances were delivered by Zareema Pemberton in Talent, which she won with 158 points ahead of both Carey and Sefferina Audain (Miss Math, Science & Technology), on 134 points each.

Pemberton also won the Evening Wear segment with 138 points; again followed in second place, in this category, by Gloria Carey on 130 points.

The final results were as follows:


Queen                                         Gloria Carey                      559    Points


First Runner-up                            Zareema Pemberton             548     Points


Second Runner-up                        Sefferina Audain                  514     Points


Best Promotional Speech               Gloria Carey                       138     Points


Best Creative Wear                      Gloria Carey                       157     Points


Best Performing Talent                  Zareema Pemberton             158     Points


Best Evening Wear                       Zareema Pemberton             138     Points

Despite the formal results however, if there were a prize to be awarded to a contestant for depicting the true spirit of the competition, it would most certainly be given to Miss Language, Literacy & Communication, Shondi Mills, who provided great entertainment for the fair sized crowd that was on hand. Though she faltered in her speech presentation, this did not daunt her spirits, and by the time she returned for the talent segment, her comedy presentation kept the audience in laughter, as she recounted stories about her first visit to the far away land of China.

Like any other queen pageant, this one had its moments of disappointments and disapproval from the supporting crews of losing contestants. The main row however, centered on the stumble, or as is said in calypso circles, the ‘bussing’ of Gloria Carey, when she sang for her talent. Though she managed most of the song, (first and third verses) without problems, she forgot large chunks of the song during the middle verse.

Speaking to after the pageant, Carey explained that she got distracted by her fans in the audience who were cheering, causing her to get carried away, and lost track of where she was with the lyrics. Apart from that stumble however, it was a rendition that displayed her vocal and performing abilities.

Pageant organizers have disclosed that the contest was organized to help sensitize the public about the role and importance of early childhood education and to also have a better awareness about the work being done at the Industrial Site Day Care.

They said that this is what led them to name the pageant, Miss KDI (Key Development Indicators) to help share with the public, the focus that is placed when teaching the children attending the day care. To a great measure, they succeeded in this effort; using the various appearances, such as the Promotional Speech, to educate the patrons in attendance.

It was a commendable effort from the team of organizers, led by Manager of the institution and Head of the Organizing Committee, Ms. Andrea Liddie, who delivered a high quality show that generally flowed. By 10:45pm the competition was all over, after four appearances with five contestants, mixed with entertaining performances from the impressive line-up of guest artistes.

Even the scores of children who attended with their parents had a wonderful time, though they saw very little of the on stage activities; not that they cared much about that, as they rolled their tires, played on the swings and seesaw and constantly ran around the grounds, amusing themselves as their parents enjoyed the pageant. It was a combination that satisfied all patrons and a package that should be repeated next year.

The support from a large pool of sponsors and other supporters also helped to make the magic of Friday night.

It was a pageant with contestants who were all teachers/employees of the Day Care and quite a bit of the guest appearances were also from the faculty and staff of the institution. They all pulled together to make the event the success it was.





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