Golding Says Gleaner’s Publication of Wikileaks Cables, Unethical

According to, the leaked cables have revealed the thinking of United States diplomats on several governmental and political matters, including the United States’ dissatisfaction with the Golding Government’s handling of two extradition matters.

The Gleaner said it was publishing the cables in the interest of the public, however, speaking recently at the opening of the Jamaica Labour Party’s Area Council Four Regional Office in Montego Bay, PM Golding told supporters that The Gleaner’s actions were an attempt to harass the Government and oust it from power.

He further described the newspaper’s publication of the leaked cables as unethical and claims the information is property stolen from the United States.

Mr. Golding accused the newspaper of publishing select portions of the information from the cables in an effort to unfairly target persons in his Government and members of the Opposition who are not liked by the upper class.

He urged supporters to work together to ensure the party is not booted from Government by domestic and foreign elements.

(Parts of this article were written with content submitted in a release)


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