The government having made the country a poster child of a dysfunctional democracy for its tardiness in bringing the Motion of No Confidence to a vote in Parliament, is now making lame excuses such as the matter is in court. The illegitimate Prime Minister continues to ignore the fact that 3 legal luminaries Charles Wilkin QC, President of the Bar Association, Emile Ferdinand QC and former High Court Judge, Tapley Seaton QC and former Attorney General publicly declared that there is nothing before the Court that can prevent the Speaker from tabling and debating the Motion of No Confidence. The hearing of the Motion of No Confidence does not prejudice any one’s right.

The minority regime does not understand that people are fed-up of it. Fed-up of it always finding an excuse to do the wrong thing. While people are asking for good governance, the government is giving bad governance. The government also goes back, to an example of a failure in governance to justify its errant ways.  This is neither good nor healthy for democracy.

The illegitimate Douglas regime seems to forget that the purpose of the Motion of No Confidence is to check the excesses of government. The government must respond to the charges and test the adequacy of its response by a vote in which only elected members of Parliament, not unelected Senators nominated by the Prime Minister must answer to the Parliament and the country. The government representativeness is put to the test; so as to ensure what Prime Minister Gonsalves in his commentary on the unacceptable delay in tabling the motion of no confidence in St. Kitts and Nevis, put it this way,

“It is axiomatic that a democratically-elected government ought always to be representative of the people. That representativeness is made manifest in a government which commands the majority of the representatives elected in free and fair elections. When a government no longer has the support of the majority of the elected members of the Parliament, it has several options, namely: (i) To resign and cause fresh general elections to be held; (ii) to face a vote of confidence in the legislature in appropriate circumstances; or (iii) to act in accordance with any other appropriate constitutional directive given by the Head of State (Governor General). These are eternal, core principles of good governance. So, it is usual and expected that when a motion of no-confidence, properly drafted, is duly filed against a government, such a motion ought to be deliberately considered and determined by the legislature in the shortest time practicable, having regard to all pressing or other extraordinary exigencies of State. That is an established constitutional convention in parliamentary democracy.” – Dr. the Hon. Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Somebody must tell this out of touch illegitimate government that has overburdened us with taxes, bankrupt the country, run up the 2nd highest debt to GDP ratio in the world, caused St Kitts to be in the top 10 homicidal countries of the world, and the most corrupt, that democracy is about the people having a government of their choice. That government must at all-time command the majority of elected members of parliament not unelected senators beholder to an illegal Prime Minister.

St Kitts and Nevis needs more democracy not less. It needs a leader in tune with the values and sentiments of the people. It needs a democratic leader not one like Douglas who is undermining our democracy and making a pappy show of our parliament using it to a useless instrument in which unelected senators are used to undermine elected representatives of the people. Team Unity offers St Kitts and Nevis its’ best prospects for a truly democratic government working for the people. For good governance and prosperity the country must elect Team Unity.



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