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Government sends condolences to families of double murder victims

The minister was responding to the double murder committed in an area of McKnight last evening, Tuesday, 21st July, and in which three other individuals were injured.

Brantley extended condolences to the families when he said, “I wish, on behalf of the Hon Prime Minister and the Government, to express deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of these two young men senselessly killed last evening.”

He expressed hope that those injured will fully recover.

Brantley said the Government is grappling with crime situation, which he said was 20 years in the making. He stated, “Our country continues to be bedevilled by this two-decade-old phenomenon of violent crime and more specifically gun crime. It is a major societal problem, which we as a Government are grappling with.”

Brantley indicated that Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris, who is off-island, has been fully briefed of the situation by the Police High Command.

The acting Minister of National Security said Government is committed to the safety and security of citizens. He said, “This Government, again, gives its solemn commitment to confront crime and criminality in all its forms wherever and whenever it rears its head.”

But he acknowledges that a collaborative approach remains central to success in reducing violent crime. Brantley commented, “Crime is a societal problem and all the spending and policing in the world, will not eradicate it from our midst unless we have a change in hearts and minds and unless our people in our homes and our schools and our churches and our communities, decide to stand together in solemn solidarity to arrest this problem.”

He revealed that the Police High Command and the rest of the security forces are on high alert and will, over the ensuing weeks and months, step up their intelligence gathering and interdiction activities.

He said, “Our security forces and the High Command of the Police have been directed to engage fully and robustly with all communities throughout our land to arrest this problem.”

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