Government Urging Citizens to Curb Drinking & Smoking Habits

The four term leader told residents on Tuesday, 8th February, 2011, that, “We have to break this really ridiculous notion that the more we drink, the more of a man we are. Nothing looks less macho than a drunk of tipsy male.”

Let us try really hard to remember that – not only because of the way being intoxicated makes one look, but also because of the serious damage alcohol inflicts on the liver, and the very irresponsible and sometimes shameful behaviour that alcohol causes one to engage in.”

Prime Minister Douglas also warned about smoking.

“Smoking too has a straight, unquestionable link to cancer. We should all help the smokers we know to find programmes that would help them to stop. And we should all ensure that those we know who do not smoke, never start,” said the Prime Minister.

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