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GRADUATION DAY! Tyra Banks COMPLETES Harvard Business School


Tyra Banks has been out of the public eye for a while as she focused on studies at Harvard.  And now, the work has paid off as she tweeted, Smiling ear2ear on the Harvard Business School campus w/ my diploma! Tnx 2 my fab photographer mama 4 the pic!AmWglskCEAIXe46Al4523zCQAAVfXhjpglarge

Then she tweeted, A pic of me in the slideshow Harvard Business School showed @ my graduation! Don’t be afraid 2 raise ur hand in class

Hey mom also snapped this pic and Tyra revealed, On stage at my Harvard Business School graduation! Lil blurry but SUCH an exciting moment 4 me & wanted 2 share w/u!

Now that she’s done with classes, Tyra will be gearing up for Cycle 19 on “ANTM” which will be dubbed, of course, “The College Edition.”


Smize!  Congrats Tyra!

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