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Grand Masters Entertained Hundreds Saturday with Victory Jam


Since the conclusion of carnival on 3rd January, fans had been asking for another session and they were thrilled when it was announced late last week that the band had decided to seek permission to play on the streets of Basseterre, to give what some described as the festival  “warm down”. 

Winning with their popular tune, “Step Pon Dem”, Grand Masters became the leading force when it comes to Road March titles in St. Kitts & Nevis. They have now won on eight (8) occasions, followed by Ellie Matt with seven (7). 

It was like carnival all over again on Saturday, with hundreds taking to the streets, moving from the band house in West Basseterre, travelling along Cayon Street, Church Street, Liverpool Row, Fort Street and ending on Central Street. 

The band performed in front of the BCA until late Saturday, providing entertainment for the crowd that had gathered and stayed on, until the end. 

Police indicated that no serious incidents, directly related to the jam session, were recorded. However there was a very heavy security presence that must have served as a deterrent to anyone thinking about becoming a safety or security threat. 

The possibility exists, (as has become the norm), that the band could very well head to the streets again for the final, final, final carnival jam, when the Prize Giving Ceremony is held later this month. If it one thing Kittitians love when it comes to carnival…is a street jam.

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